Comic Guest Announcement! James Roberts to attend EICC

James Roberts is a British comic book writer best known for his contributions to the Transformers franchise, having worked consistently with the robots in disguise since he co-wrote the 2010 limited series, Last Stand of the Wreckers, with Nick Roche. His first solo story, the two-part ‘Chaos Theory’, appeared in Mike Costa’s ongoing Transformers title and explored the origins … Read more

Guest Announcement! Richard Brake to attend EICC

Richard Brake is a Welsh-American actor, best known for portraying Joe Chill in Batman Begins and the Night King in Game of Thrones. His other film credits include Hannibal Rising, Halloween II, Thor: The Dark World, Kingsman: The Secret Service, Rob Zombie’s 31 and Mandy. As a TV actor he has appeared in Supernatural, Ray Donovan, … Read more